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NYC travel clinics offer every type of service an intercontinental traveler needs. There are many tasks that need to be completed before a trip like this, and a travel clinic, is the perfect place to assist a traveler. Listed below are some of the areas NYC travel clinics specialize in, how they can help get someone ready for a trip, and what types of travelers they most commonly assist. If you are ready to get started, please see our NYC clinic locations page.

What do NYC Travel Clinics Do?

Going to a travel clinic is different than visiting a normal physician. Travel doctors specialize in the areas that specifically pertain to intercontinental travelers. One of these areas is vaccines and immunizations. Outside of the USA, there are numerous diseases, viruses, and bacteria that plague other countries. If not properly treated and informed about these threats, a traveler could end up very sick and sometimes worse. By visiting a certified yellow fever vaccination clinic in Manhattan, people are able to get the knowledge they need about where these diseases come from, what the symptoms are, and how to treat them. Most importantly, many clinics specialize in the immunization process.

Another area travel clinics can assist a traveler is general advice about the traveler's destination. Each area of the world can be very different in terms of places to avoid, foods to stay away from, UV ray exposure, water contamination, insect problems, and crime. Travel clinics stay up-to-date on current global events so they are able to give an overall picture on what to expect when going outside of US borders.

NYC travel clinics can give great advice on the travel process in general. Some common questions people ask are "Can I travel if I'm pregnant?" and "What if I have a chronic disease?" These questions, along with many others, can be answered by Travel Clinics of America in NYC. Other areas of question involve jet lag, travelling with babies/children, and what important supplies should be taken along. Supplies are very important and may be the reason a trip turns out to be a positive experience.

What Types of Travelers do we Help?

Travel clinics will help any traveler who needs it, but these are the most common types of travelers that make a visit.
  • Business Travelers - These travelers are usually always on the go with little time to spare. Meetings must be met and deals made, so these travelers cannot afford to get sick. It's very important for them to get all vaccines as well as take the necessary precautions to stay healthy.
  • Vacationers - People going on vacation want to enjoy their time outside the United States. For some it may be a once in a lifetime event, so it is very important that everything goes as planned. Travel Clinics of America can help them with agendas, travelling with kids, and of course all of the usual reasons travelers make an appointment.
  • Missionaries - It is extremely important for missionaries to know everything about the destination they plan to travel to. Many times missionaries are going to third world countries and are subject to an abnormal amount of threats and diseases.
There are many more types of travelers beyond these. If you plan on going out of the country, be sure and contact a Travel Clinics of America location in your area. You feel much better that you did.
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